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  • What Is A Good Solo

    what is a good solo ?

    Do you know what is a good solo? Well, if you listen somebodies’ soloing, be it on your own instrument or another, you will know if you like or don’t like it. Right? So you know all there is to know about it already. The …

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  • Discipline And Motivation

    discipline and motivation

    What is discipline, and what is motivation? Or rather, do we need discipline? I came to think of this recently. Discipline is wrong. Or seems at least highly overrated. Motivation is everything. And gets better results. If you get your goals in focus, you have …

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  • How Do You Stay Creative

    how do you stay creative?

    How do you stay creative? Having a constant stream of output is in part a good description for what an artist does. Especially in the present day, where access to tools that can spread ideas and messages are available for almost everybody on the planet. …

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  • Who Are You When You Teach

    who are you when you teach?

    Yes, who are you when you teach? And why should you be teaching? No matter what you do, you will most likely have ‘enjoyed’ a multitude of teachers yourself. Who, like it or not, have taken part in getting you where you are right now. …

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