art is truth is art


art is truth is art

Blogging is input and output, as is everything else that lives.
And thus, I am of course reading a lot of other blogs.

The latest one of one of my best friends and amazing musician, Janek Gwizdala, urged me to drop what I had in mind for today, initially.
And expand a little on what Janek has to say here.

I think we all care about what others think of us. It is imprinted in our brain, as our brain has evolved over ten-thousands of years of living in small groups of people. Where it was crucial to survive to have a good understanding and value for each other, and thus what others think of you.

On the other hand, art cannot be original or new if it is customised to the most common denominator, the opinion or liking of the masses out there.
That would feed right into this funny bit of Spinal Tap calling Jazz “music based on fear” – if you allow me to pun this in here, on a side track. Too funny.

I absolutely agree on the learning from your “mistakes” bit.
I know for sure that in my beginnings, I have always been way too conscious to not make any of those in public.
So yes, you and I, we should go out there and not worry at all about what could go wrong (which is the technical aspect of our doing), and also not at all worry about what people will think (which is the personal, or emotional aspect, the potentially painful one).

I think listening to fans and followers is great. And the new area of media we all use is a great help in actually being able to do so!
On that note: Readers and followers on here, do interact, do comment! I can see in my statistics that you are actually reading me 🙂

But also, that needs to be balanced with finding your own way, your own voice, your middle.
And being able to speak your voice loud and clear, no matter what.
Because for one, that is the only voice you will really ever have, if anybody likes it or not.
And I can find beauty in that kind of truthfulness, that goes beyond what the artform in question might be.
Meaning I can deeply relate to a true artist, even if I am not a big fan of the actual art he or she is creating.