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  • 20150406 Blogpost

    Inspiration, motivation, or lack thereof

    In my musical, professional life, the first months of any given year have usually been slow. There are always things to do, of course, being self employed. Take care of the apartment, the gear, work on music. Write, create, cut videos that need cutting and …

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  • Dsc03654small

    what i just learned on the road

    Having had two marvellous weeks away, here is what I just learned on the road: Bring a good camera and leave your cell phone off more. Learn about said camera, and take it with you, anywhere. Be prepared for the music, so you can go …

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  • 20140624 Bensjam Photo 2 Web

    Bens Jam – cause you never know.

    Bens Jam or rather, Ben’s Jam was an ambitious project of mine that lasted for about three years, before it lost momentum in 2009. The core of the operation has since worked together in various musical situations, of course. This year on September 6th we …

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  • No Thick Skin Heart2

    No thick skin

    No thick skin We do not need thick skin or worse, indifference. It is the opposite of what humans need. Especially the collaborating artists such as musicians. Our art thrives by unhindered flow of energy, without fear of any consequences. What we absolutely need however, …

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  • Choice Truth Dare1

    choice, truth, courage

    New Years’ resolutions. They always seemed somewhat shallow to me. It is not “my” new year. Or anybodys’, really, except for those who are born on January 1st. And for the northern hemisphere, it is the middle of winter right now… But because most of …

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  • Blogflight

    fear and loathing but no reason

    When I saw the movie Gravity yesterday, I unforeseeably fully understood the calmness of Clooney’s character, facing the ultimate danger. (No spoilers here, rest assured). When I had to fight with severe fright of getting on long haul flights some years back, I did not …

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  • Wolf Mpc

    meet the wolf

    Before you meet the wolf, I first want to make a point on this blog’s behalf. Every now and then I get bored with my blogs. And suddenly find them (me) self-involved. Too ‘me’. Or too ‘one-dimensional’. Then it is time to go out, and …

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  • De Focus Example

    Video Claudia Vervy – the making of

    My post from last week, and the work I did since to further improve my filming gear, bring me here today. Video Claudia Vervy the making of. Here is the timelapse I recorded with my latest addition to my cam-family during the set up of …

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  • Claudia Vervy And Video

    Claudia Vervy and video

    Blog titles are fun. I usually see too many possibilities to name them. But of course, they have to have a name, so they can have a unique url, where they can be found at. Today I could have come from a whole lot of …

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  • Tourists


    Tourists. We all belong in that category at certain points in our lives. Or at least, I really think we all should… I have just been one, once again. But my point today I want to start from the other side. I get asked a …

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