Bens Jam – cause you never know.

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Bens Jam – cause you never know.

Bens Jam or rather, Ben’s Jam was an ambitious project of mine that lasted for about three years, before it lost momentum in 2009. The core of the operation has since worked together in various musical situations, of course.

This year on September 6th we will re-unite for a show at a festival. Which is not the point I will make today, but makes me happy nonetheless, so it is of value for me to note that.

This is what we sounded like on our last show to date. Completely improvised, taken out of a 90-minute set:

In 2006 I had the idea of a band with analogue instruments, jamming electronic and electronica styles all live, while using mainly interaction and improvisation create their sound. Like, a new form of Jazz maybe, but with the vocabulary of modern drum & bass, house, and the likes.

Pretty ambitious, right? Ha.

Anyways, I found a great guy named Frank Diedrich who ran a small club, who was willing to let us experiment once a month to a live audience.

When the project came to a halt for several reasons, we had just played our biggest concert ever in front of more than 1.000 people. And despite the fact that we cannot claim to having had commercial success, I was devastated about it for a good while. But now, along with some crazy pictures and some sound snippets, I want to make use of this reunion-show to make a list for myself of the good that came from trying and making that project happen:

+ I reached out and won two amazing musicians as friends and colleagues, sharing that path with me and contributing to the music, namely Christian Spohn and Steffen Stütz.

+ I was looking for new sounds and so I started to build my own drumset, which I still use today on most of my gigs.

+ I got into writing music which I kept up for a while because the necessity was there to do so. And some of the cues do still resonate with me today, which means I got closer to my own voice.

+ I started to adjust my practise routine towards sounds and skills needed to express what I was hearing in my head. So I guess my own voice was also beginning to form within my playing.

The point is obvious I guess.

That particular project did not go far in itself, but it truly came from within, and it  became part of what I sound like today.

Be inspired – if you feel it, go do it!

In closing this up, I want to say that we’d of course be thrilled if as many people as possible show at the reunion this September.

Check HERE for date and time.