blue hour

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blue hour

Ideas we all have coming to our minds frequently.
Everybody at a different hour of the day.
They usually go into our existence without much more notice, don’t they.
We see them, feel them, maybe toy around with them for a bit.
And then they slip into the subconscious, and are lost for further examination or active access.

My hour of this happening the most, is shortly after noticing my sleep is over.
The moment when life becomes a reality, after a couple of hours of control-free dreaming. Literally.

And I decided to make it a habit to write it all down. It takes a few minutes only.
And later that day, mostly at night, I go back to my scribblings from the morning.
And censor the living daylights out of it. But more often than not, I will find some very interesting thought.
And I will go and develop it. And some of it will end up here, on that weekly blog.

It will mostly be drum and music related. Sorry for that.
But since that is what this person’s life and being revolves closely around, it will have generic aspects to it as well.

If you like, come back here. Tuesday shall be the day I publish.
If you like more, join the list at and get it delivered to your home door.
Nah, that was yesterday.
Get it delivered to your electronic home address – email on mobile, wherever you are home  at any given moment.

So now – when is your blue hour in your day? And what are you going to do about that?

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