celebrate diversity


celebrate diversity

This is the motto of Berklee College. Yes, along with “esse quam videri”, “to be, rather than to seem”.
Both came to mind these days, while preparing for my tour in Malaysia and Singapore.
Even through the stages of preparing and emailing back and forth, I can tell that I am used to much faster response
time in business conduct.
But that does not at all mean that my way is superior to any other.

It is a great lesson to learn.
Celebrate diversity is no joke. And it is only easy when we are in awe about something different or unknown to us.
Like, seeing a Brazilian Band perform an Afoxé live for the first time.
That is so easy to embrace and celebrate.
But the task goes way further, if taken seriously. And I think these two words are almost as universal as the self policing
Golden Rule or ethic reprocity “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.

Diversity is, what has the power to enrich our lives in so many ways.
Yet we seem to be hung up in our own ways, and be annoyed of even threatened by almost anything that goes in different ways than
the ones we are used to.
I expect the world around me to behave the way I am used to. And that is so limiting and excluding sometimes,
which traveling can show us so blatantly.

But think this, and yes, this call goes out to myself of course:
The waiter in the Italian restaurant, who brought my food late and slightly cold.
Because he was interacting with two children playing in his path.
And he seemingly did not want to disturb them or shush them away.
But treated them with kindness and patience.
The vibe of that scene, and the smile on the faces of these children make up for many linguine al pesto gone cold,
in a world I want to live in.