choice, truth, courage

Choice Truth Dare1

choice, truth, courage

New Years’ resolutions.

They always seemed somewhat shallow to me.
It is not “my” new year.
Or anybodys’, really, except for those who are born on January 1st.
And for the northern hemisphere, it is the middle of winter right now…
But because most of us accept this concept, and I am of course affected in some ways, I do contemplate, along with you.

And here is, what I think and wish for:

I wish for more active choices, being made based on hope and not out of fear.
Each year we count, on whatever date we do so, means we are finite, mortal.
Facing this fact should make us fearless, in the best possible and positive way.

I wish for more truth, based on what we feel is right. And not on what we are told, by anyone.
May it be religion, statesmen, commercials…
Truth is where you feel it, so let’s all go find it.

I wish for more courage, based on the above stated.
Let us think the seemingly impossible. Let’s try new stuff. And fail at times.
And try again, better then.

I believe we can have an incredible time, facing our fears and spreading our wings.
Not everybody might be applauding.
But the ones who do, are truly meaning YOU.

Where do I come up with that shtuff?
Funny you should ask that.
It is all in the music I try to play, to express, to master.
Since I finished my formal studying of music, I struggle to find my voice.
To find what truly inspires me. How I really sound myself.
And to find the courage to actually put it out there, even though possible rejection or worse, ignorance, is scaring me deeply.
And the same goes for life.

Have a great start, all of you – whenever you start 😉