do you remember matrix?

Do You Remember Matrix

do you remember matrix?

Do you remember Matrix, the movie?
There is a key scene in that movie (there is only part 1, by the way. part 2 and 3 never happened),
where agent Smith, aka one of the “t-cell” programs of the machines, tells Morpheus about how the first matrix was designed to be paradise for humanity. and that the humans minds did not accept it, and thought it was a dream they needed to wake up from. And thus the machines “lost entire crops” of humans, in their growing stocks.
And Smith concludes that humans are just not worthy of a good life / paradise / intelligence / …

And I bought that back then.

But I thought about it.
We do not expect the worst naturally.
I believe a big part of it is corporates/politics exploiting our natural caution and need for safety. Check the latest pharmaceutical ads, or those of the insurance companies and banks, and put them into perspective with more realistic evaluations of our actual risks. And you might get what i mean.

But this blog is not about conspiracy.
It is about freedom.
The worst that will happen to all of us eventually, is death. And most probably, we can expect some amount of pain thrown in there at certain points. This is inevidable. Period.

My new setting is, that if i manage to accept that, then and only then i can invent my own standarts, and try to live up to them.

And how does all that relate to music?
It does wonderfully I think, even more so, because the “threats” in the music field are mostly not life-threatening.
There is no “death in the public eye”. Because the public eye has no meaning in the bigger picture.
Only my own standarts, only I can define myself.

I admit, the thought is neither new, nor am i living it yet.
But I know this is a big part of why I admire certain artist, musicians, thinkers.
And I know where I am going from now on.

Do you?