fear and loathing but no reason


fear and loathing but no reason

When I saw the movie Gravity yesterday, I unforeseeably fully understood the calmness of Clooney’s character, facing the ultimate danger. (No spoilers here, rest assured).
When I had to fight with severe fright of getting on long haul flights some years back, I did not at all understand my character.
Even short distance flights were a pain.

I learned that fear is not rational, and thus cannot at all be overcome by rational advise. The fact that commercial planes hardly ever crash does NOT help a panic attack, like, at all.
It can only be overcome by some sort of irrationality, or as I like to call it, emotional balance.
And not even pills, which I tried, but do not need anymore now that I know better. Feel better.

While there is real danger in the world, fear is what we make of it. There is a choice, to be frightened.
Or to see the danger, accept it, and work it as calmly and accepting as possible.

It was impossible for me to even think that a while ago.
Now it seems more and more possible to really live that.

We all have our fits with our own kind of fear. Stagefright for instance, for musicians, actors, …
It is valuable and possible though, to make that differentiation, and rid your mind of fright and the multiple after/side effects it bears.

On a side note: We had to endure the trailer for Roland Emmerichs’ new film. Or piece of propaganda, as I would perceive it.
How can anyone seriously make a film like that, and not only feed off of human vulnerability, but nurture fear and hate in this political state?