how do you stay creative?

How Do You Stay Creative

how do you stay creative?

How do you stay creative?

Having a constant stream of output is in part a good description for what an artist does. Especially in the present day, where access to tools that can spread ideas and messages are available for almost everybody on the planet.

But how do we stay creative?

Well, one factor might help, and that are the constant changes we have to follow almost daily. Which make at least me put on many hats per day, and I find this environment rather fertile. If at times a bit overwhelming.

But to put justice to this weeks’ blog title, I want to steer the train of thought in a more definitive and thus musical direction.

I personally found that I get my ideas by balancing three major spheres:

a) Imitating.
Something humans do all the time to learn, and so it seems the most natural way.

Emulating and practising something you heard and liked, and learning it 100%.
Then play around with it, put yourself into it. Put it to the test, and thus make it your own.

b) Try and error.
Which humans are good at, too, because we understand a question called “why” (which other primates fail at, interesting point in case!)
Play what is comfortable, and consciously stray from it.
Force your hands in opposite directions, and see what sound they make there, while keeping the same pattern going.
Let the left foot take over some notes, that the right foot is usually playing in your comfortable beat. And vice versa. You might fail to keep your pattern going at times, of course. You might lose ‘one’, or even lose the pulse or timing altogether. But if you listen, you will learn from yourself, by hearing and creating something you have not heard before. And the parts that your ears like, you can remember and then, well of course, make your own.

c) I do not know what to call this one. Maybe “let your ears choose your voice from utter randomness”. Nah, you tell me.
I just know I do the following a lot, for better or worse:

I practise technical elements, with at first no musical connection.
I start off with just some tools, that I want to explore.
Like single stroke between LH and RF for example, while maintaining a constant pattern with the remaining two limbs.
Or more lately simultaneous hits with two or more limbs, at any speed rate.

Once I get the independence between the limbs going, and speed and accuracy is satisfactory, I form little ‘words’, or ‘sequences’ out of it. Try and make it sound good. Try to apply it to music. As a fill in maybe, or even within a groove.
Pay attention where it takes me.
To me, this is very liberating, because I feel, well, original. Even if just for the practise session.

Any more ways to be creative, that should be mentionned here? Come tell us right below!