Video Claudia Vervy – the making of

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Video Claudia Vervy – the making of

My post from last week, and the work I did since to further improve my filming gear, bring me here today.
Video Claudia Vervy the making of.

Here is the timelapse I recorded with my latest addition to my cam-family during the set up of our video shoot, a GoPro 3, that falls into the category “Action Cam”.
Which is not a serious camera at all, but a fun toy to have with you everywhere. And to set it to taking one photo every 2 seconds or so, and then make a film out of the resulting 1200-something pics:


And after the final mix and cut of the finished product went online last week (link here, for those who missed it),
I put in some time and research to improve my hand held camera, which I started building from scratch about one year ago.




I always liked filming, latest since there are affordable camcorders out there, that record decent audio with manually set gain.
So despite having learned the ropes with tape recorders dealing only with the audio domain, I had camcorders with me since about 2006.

When the DSLR-filming came about (filming with professional photo cameras, because their large image sensors provide for amazing de-focussing effects like this:),

I did not see the point there for me. At first. Because with a regular video cam, I can film myself at gigs and such easily.
Put the cam on a tripod, set to automatic, and everything will be in focus, and you get easy and decent results.
For filming with a photo camera, or DSLR, you rather need someone to operate it while shooting.

To make a long story short, I fell for the look of the DSLR footage and got me such a cam in 2011. And a second one in 2012.
And of course, you need special gear – a “rig” – to film with it properly, it’s a photo cam, for crying out loud.
So, as technical as I am with the drums at times, I really got into that stuff, too.
And as a side note, yet another hobby of mine got absorbed into my professional doings…

Some people have even said they can see my personality in this new filming rig, and I do not know if that is a good thing really.
But anyways, above you saw the latest edition of my handheld gear (and yes, it does give me an odd kind of satisfaction to having brought it this far. Weird.).

To go full circle before the end of this post, I will show you my first attempts, which started about two years ago.
There is no shame in looking back (and down, waaay down…), but it still takes some energy from me to release this here.

Live and learn!
Over and out for this week 😉