what i just learned on the road


what i just learned on the road

Having had two marvellous weeks away, here is what I just learned on the road:

Bring a good camera and leave your cell phone off more.
Learn about said camera, and take it with you, anywhere.

Be prepared for the music, so you can go with the flow that comes with the given local circumstances.
It will be very well received.

I do not know why i look so concentrated on gigs, while i feel like i am smiling. I would like to change that – any suggestions?

If you meet the president of a country, know his first name when you shake hands.
Humanity is not exclusive to the working class.

If a humble and sweet stray dog approaches you, do not only feed it.
Sit with it and offer a hug or at least get in touch.┬áSoul – food.

There are many different ways of going about business.
Try something different now and then, no matter what the outcome may be. Learn, look forward and worry less.

You have to travel, especially if you come from an economically stable country.
Most of the world is nothing like yours. Face it. Most of our economical shit is worth nothing when it counts.

Music is a universal language, and there are many different accents spoken. Listen to them. dive in, wash your soul in it. You don’t have to love every last bit of it, to let it in.

Oh, and this just in:
Forgetting a bottle of water in carry on at check-in: Entirely my fault.
Buying a new one after security is passed: 1-0 for the airport.
Connecting to the next flight, security again, they take the second bottle away?
I think airports have chosen to fund their business in part on not giving a f*ck about making sense.