what is a good solo ?

What Is A Good Solo

what is a good solo ?

Do you know what is a good solo?

Well, if you listen somebodies’ soloing, be it on your own instrument or another, you will know if you like or don’t like it. Right?

So you know all there is to know about it already.

The tricky part is, to play a solo yourself, that you like. To get to grips with your own soloing.
But that is also easier than I used to think, and I am sure that holds true for a lot of fellow musicians out there.

The trick I found is to play for yourself. And not for anybody who is listening.
Hear me out.

You will notice that when you are practising by (and for!) yourself, that the ideas tend to come more easily, and the execution thereof seems more easy and accurate.

When you are sitting on the bandstand, in front of some kind of audience, you start to relate.
The best example is probably how you feel when someone high in your estimation is present. A fellow musician of respect. Or even one who’s opinion you might fear. (Even if that is a common phenomenon, you shouldn’t. Ever. But that’s a different story, for another time).

So, even if you did not consciously decide to, you will have that person in your head when your solo comes. So that is what I call playing for the wrong audience and as such, playing a ‘wrong’ solo.

Instead, I think our musical landscape becomes way more interesting when we all solo just for ourselves. Play what we would like to hear. Get into your very own zone, and strive to fulfill your highest expectations there, with joy.

And of course, take this very attitude to your practise room.
Use the many tools, exercises and and specific knowledge there is, on the approach of solo-practising with exactly this in mind:
Your very own sound and expression.