why why, or what else is there?

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why why, or what else is there?

Today I have nothing to say.

And why why, or what else is there?

Because I found why.

‘Why’ is the ultimate question.
Better than any other question I tried to come up with, in pursuit of a policy, a guide line, to navigate the cliffs along life’s path.

All of us get affected by the doings of strangers, drivers in traffic, relatives, waiters and waitresses, life partners, fellow musicians even… everyday.
To ask for the reason for the actions, and to inquire about the initial motivation thereof is simply stating and knowing that all is ‘one’.
Everything potentially affects everything.

‘Why’ contains curiousity, empathy, openness.
It entails greatness and wholesomeness, because who is capable to ask before judging, jumping to conclusions, or feeling defensive is truly advanced.
In a non-competitive way, but in a growing, learning and embracing way.

Even more, the ability to ask ‘why’ is one of the biggest distinctions we humans have, in comparison to all other known creatures on our blue planet – only we can ask it!

So, childplay aside, my new beacon is that more of the empathic ‘why’ in our everyday can get us all to a better place. In the NOW, you know.