Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2013’

  • Cymbal Felts Revisited Packed

    cymbal felts revisited

    Last weeks’ post was about my ideas about the drum set. I really liked that the press caught on and made a great story about it. But of course, the best stuff comes out when you do it because you want to, no matter what …

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  • BensDrumsCollage

    drum set in the press

    My drum set in the press, as of yesterday. So this is going to be a drumistic post, almost entirely. The video was made by Photographer Peter Juelich for Frankfurter Rundschau. He saw me play that drum set at one of my recent shows with Fraudlab.Co, Marc-Inti, …

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  • Why Why And What Else Web

    why why, or what else is there?

    Today I have nothing to say. Why? And why why, or what else is there? Because I found why. ‘Why’ is the ultimate question. Better than any other question I tried to come up with, in pursuit of a policy, a guide line, to navigate …

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  • Do You Remember Matrix

    do you remember matrix?

    Do you remember Matrix, the movie? There is a key scene in that movie (there is only part 1, by the way. part 2 and 3 never happened), where agent Smith, aka one of the “t-cell” programs of the machines, tells Morpheus about how the …

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