gear central. today: snares

Benno Snare Prototype800

gear central. today: snares

Today I am feeling an itch to see if there is a discussion to be stirred.
This blog being fairly young, the reach is still way better than I would ever have expected.

So I give you some of my very own. An idea I have had for a long time.
Coming straight out of a “blue hour”, as I talked about in a post before.
And finally, about a year ago or so, I went and acted on it.

The feeling of an idea emerging is very propelling.
Even the smallest melodic fragment, coming from the head and then to live with a
band, or even just produced, is why I got into music in the first place.

But having something “in your hands” is very different, great in another way.
So here it is:
A snare strainer, that does not touch the shell of the drum AT ALL .
It is tightly connected to the bottom rim of the drum.

The advantages i see are:
– Change of bottom head becomes simple, because the snares are “one” with the hoop itself,
and thus come off with it.
– Tuning the snare-side head up or down moves the snares up or down, proportionally.
– The shell has less drillings and less mass attached to it.

I wonder why I have not seen this produced by a large company for long.

What do you think?