Inspiration, motivation, or lack thereof

20150406 Blogpost

Inspiration, motivation, or lack thereof

In my musical, professional life, the first months of any given year have usually been slow.
There are always things to do, of course, being self employed. Take care of the apartment, the gear, work on music.
Write, create, cut videos that need cutting and release, network and aquire, do taxes and so forth.
This year, due to circumstances of both professional and private nature, I seem to be at an all time low. Which might also be represented by the fact that this is my first blog post in eight month. Yes eight, a number so big, is has to be written out in letters.

I cannot make much sense of any activity right now. I do eat well and sleep enough, so yes, I am still interested in keeping the basics rolling. I need strength to figure out my next moves, so, that is only practical.
But practising for example, which I used to love, seems pointless these days. All I do is keeping my chops warm (of course I do). But learning new tricks? Why and what for, how does it help, exactly?

I know this much, I would love to go on the road with a great band, and play great music. And the same great music for weeks on end.
But where are these kind of gigs? And how do I get on one of these? And does practising even more get me there? Doubtful. Convince me, universe!

And then I stumble across a kind of internet phenomenon, that must have passed straight by me for a long time.
A band around one musician and piano player by the name of Scott Bradlee, whose arrangements of covers have tens of millions of clicks already. Each.
And I love it.
I love especially the unpretentious way everything is presented. Great arrangements, playing and singing, and performance all around.
The setting of the presentation though could not be simpler.
One room, a single still camera for filming, decent but not at all overproduced live sound of the performance.
Heck, not even every player is in the frame sometimes, that is how simple they work.

It does not take away from anything. On the contrary.
Great music, simple package, and it has success. At least in clicks, but exposure of that magnitude can (and, in their case already did) lead to what I was talking about. Gigs. Tours. Doing what you love, get out there and interact with audiences, and also hopefully pay the necessary bills enroute and at home.

I am not there yet, have not found what I will try and go for next. What I want my musical and my personal life to become.
I know changes will be made, and direction is all I need to get going.
But this rendition of Lorde’s “Royals” just made my f*in day, and I thought, maybe it can make yours as well.

And the website of the band: