As a musician, countless hours in the practise room can get to you.
Also, the “benefits” of the internet can get to you. Distract from the team,
that naturally surrounds you, in REAL life.
Yes, we rehearse, we go out, we meet fellow musicians, we get around.

And yes, there is a point.
Mixing my album these days, together with another human being just reminded me of options we all
have, which are so easy to see, but that sometimes get lost in the process of honing and creating our music.
Or getting caught up in, let’s say, computer/online activity.
And as beautiful as it is to sit in a great studio with a friend and fellow, with great ears and great gear,
I cannot really team there.
Because I can only say what I like or do not like, Christian Spohn, in this case, has to tweak the faders there.
So, he is really putting in his valuable time, for me.

But teamwork does not necessarily mean, same place, same time.
A little thinking outside of the box might, again, be helpful.

We all have assets, talents, that others might need.
And most of the time we need to be all business about it, naturally.
But I think it is so valuable to be fun about it, when the time and place are right.
Help each other with what we have to offer, and keep a close REAL life
interaction happening at the same time. And get inspired in the process.
Or even, get more lucky and combine the two. Ok, I might be pushing it too far now.

But this path I want to pursue more again, with everything I do, and everything I have planned for the
coming years.
Team up.

So, I am looking forward to the next two mixing sessions at Christian’s wonderful studio,
finishing up the album.
As much as I am looking forward to shoot a live video for him and his trio next week.
And I should add, that shoot will be along with another fellow and friend, Tim Gebel, whom I happened
to recently finish producing my fourth DVD with, on drums and drumming.

I believe, there are way more good opportunities around me, that I have not even thought of yet.

Have you taken a good look around yourself lately?