_________ where is benno in 2018 ? _________

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january 2018
10th w/R&H at Kitzbühel

february 2018
16th recording weekend with Andrey Shabashev

march 2018
til 28th w/Andrey Shabashev @ Russia
31st w/ ffm.band @ Wertheim

april 2018
07th with R&H @ Innsbruck
09th with Andrey Shabashev Trio @ Fabrik, Frankfurt
14th with Victor Prieto European Trio @ Fabrik, Frankfurt
15th with Victor Prieto European Trio @ Jazzkeller, Frankfurt

may 2018
09th with V. Popov @Jazzkeller, Frankfurt
11th with Corinna Danzer @ Club Voltaire

june 2018
18th ffm band @ ffm
22nd R&H Zell am See
23rd Fraudlab.co @ ffm

july 2018
4th R&H Innsbruck
10th to 24th @ Macedonia
28th w/Annika Klar @ Fulda

august 2018
18th w/ Max Clouth @ ffm

september 2018

october 2018

november 2018

december 2018
31st with R&H at Kitzbühel


_________ where was benno in 2017 ? _________

february 2017
01st w/ R&H @ Kitzbühel
04th w/ Smith&Drums @ HH
08th w/ Max Clouth @ Jazzkeller, FfM
17th w/ Helly Kumpusch Band @ Austria

march 2017
02nd Demo video shoot with Joachim Essig
03rd til
05th video shoot at schmitz
24th w/ Helly Kumpusch Band / Udo Jürgens Show @ Austria
26th w/ SHH-Trio @ K, Eschborn
til april 2nd Mini-tour with Andrey Shabashev in Russia (yeah!)

april 2017
2nd (coming back from mini-tour in Russia, for show
/with Rhythm and Heels in Kitzbühel
05th with Marc-Inti and Shabashev @ Club Voltaire/Musikmesse
19th Trio SHH @ Jazzkeller Frankfurt
20th Andrey Shabashev Trio @ Jazzkeller Frankfurt

may 2017
09th w/ R&H @ Ingolstadt
12th w/ R&H @ Ingolstadt
17th with Jan Felix May, Hanns Höhn: Waynes’s Work @ Jazzkeller
19th w/ R&H @ Kitzbühel

june 2017
01st recording drum tracks for Feinton, ffm
08th w/ R&H @ Innsbruck
14th with Andrey Shabashev, Hanns Höhn @ Jazzkeller Ffm
17th Fraudlab.co feat. Andrey Shabashev @Rosen und Lichterfest
23rd Team Davis @ Instituto Cervantes
24th Fraudlab.co feat. R. Kesternich @ Schweizer Fest
25th Fraudlab.co feat. R. Kesternich @ Schweizer Fest

july 2017
07th w/ Vladimir Cetkar @ Ohrid, Macedonia
14th and
15th w/ Rhythm & Heels, @ Austria
18th and 19th w/ Victor Prieto @ Ourense, Spain
22nd w/ R&H @ Hannover
27th with Tim Gebel @ NeuIsenburg

august 2017
10th and
12th with R&H @ Austria
14th with TEAMDAVIS @Wertheim Village
19th with R&H @ Austria
31st with R&H @ Innsbruck

september 2017
02nd with Oursin, @ private
06th with Daniel Stelter, J F May and Marc-Inti @ Jazzkeller, FfM
20th with Andrey Shabashev @ Jazzkeller, FfM
27th with Dennis Sekretarev @ Jazzkeller, FfM
22nd and
23rd w/ R&H @ Innsbruck

october 2017
05th with ROLA @ Munich
07th Timing and Rhythm Workshop, Ffm
09th til
20th @ Robinson, Algave
27th filming Jo van Nelsen in Ffm

november 2017
02nd w/ ROLA @ Travolta, Ffm
04th Timing and Rhythm Workshop, Ffm
06th w/ Andrey Shabashev @ Fabrik Ffm
15th with Boris @ Mampf, Ffm
25th sub w/ The Flow (au privave)

december 2017
07th with R&H @ Dachau
09th with R&H @ Kitzbühel
14th with Fraudlab.co feat Shabashev @ Fabrik, FfM
31st w/ R&H @ Kitzbühel


__________where was benno in 2016 ? ___________

january 2016
05th with Rola band @ Hamburg
28th – 31st video production with 2Box

february 2016

march 2016
05th With Rhythm&Heels @ AquaDome, Ötztal, AT
10th – 13th checking the newly endorsed WACCO custom set @ beat&breakfast

april 2016
06th TheYeahMen @ SummaSummarum, F
14th sub @ legends store, F
22nd Smith&Drums @ Seeheim

may 2016
05th sub @ legends store, F
07th Rhythm&Heels @ AT
12th sub @ legends store, F
16th TheYeahMen @ Artbar, F
25th sub @ legends store, F
28th Rhythm&Heels @ AT
29th Martelle Band @ Oosten, F

june 2016
02nd Rhythm&Heels @ AT
17th sub w/ main-eastside
18th Rhythm&Heels @ AT
29th Host at Jazzkeller Frankfurt w/ Hanns Höhn, Nicolas Hering

july 2016
02nd sub w/ Simon Höness
09th with Superuse and with
Ben’s Jam @ Schweizer Fest, FfM
10th with ROLA and with
Team Davis @ Schweizer Fest, FfM
16th Rhythm&Heels @ AT
20th Host at Jazzkeller Frankfurt
23rd Rhythm&Heels @ AT

august 2016
06th sub w/ Chris Schmitt
08th til
22nd rehearsals and shows in Macedonia w/ Vladimir Cetkar
27th sub w/ Chris Schmitt

september 2016
03rd Rhythm&Heels @ AT
10th Rhythm&Heels @ AT
12th til
20th Festival tour in HongKong/China/Thailand w/ Vladimir Cetkar

october 2016
19th with A. Shabashev / I. Habernal @Jazzkeller FfM

november 2016
09th with N. Hering / H. Höhn @ Jazzkeller FfM
26th and 27th video shoot w/ Rhythm&Heels, Austria
30th w/ Banoffee Jam @ Fabrik, FfM

december 2016
01st til
26th tour of Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and India w/ Vladimir Cetkar


_________ where was benno in 2015 ? _________

january 2015
10th and
11th recording drums for bounce brothers in OF
15th recording drums for Tallia Storm “I Just need you”
31st sub w/ rhythm&heels at landshut

february 2015  and
march 2015  strategic retreat
april 2015  practising new concepts
may 2015  practising same concepts

april 2015
20th with rhythm&heels @ munich

may 2015
10th video production for Claudia Vervy
12th with Banoffee Jam at Stoffel, frankfurt

june 2015
01st  w/ TeamDavis @ Feuerwache, Mannheim
08th w/ running five, würzburg

september 2015
04th 10 years Maximal/Rodgau w/Thomas Langer
10th sub w/ Chris Schmitt (private)
12th Team Davis @ Bett-Club 
14th &
15th &
16th &
17th &
18th w/ Rhythm&Heels @ Bodensee
24th video production for flutist project

october 2015
15th to 26th recharging and jamming in NYC
29th @ lunabar, impromptu sub with mainEastside

november 2015
19th to 22nd @ London Drum Show
26th @ leMeridien, with Marc&Marcus
27th private in Cologne

december 2015
11th with Rhythm&Heels @ Vienna
25th &
26th &
27th with Rhythm&Heels @ Kitzbuhel

_________ where was benno in 2014 ? _________

january 2014
23rd   fraudlab.co present ALIVE feat ROLA @ Travolta
30th   fraudlab.co present ALIVE feat Nadine @ Travolta

february 2014
07th with ZLAMDUNK @ ZOOM, frankfurt
20th   fraudlab.co present ALIVE feat Albert @ Travolta
27th   fraudlab.co present ALIVE feat Tai @ Travolta
28th with Smith & Drums @ MADE, berlin – postponed! t.b.a.

march 2014
01st with Smith & Drums @ MADE, berlin – postponed! t.b.a.
05th with Nadine Demetrio @ frischzelle, darmstadt
07th with Nadine Demetrio @ 25h, ffm
14th and
15th with fraudlab.co @ musikmesse frankfurt, godin-booth
17th subbing with Gogo and Nara at LunaBar, ffm
20th fraudlab.co present ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
21st til 24th at various jam sessions in Barcelona
27th fraudlab.co present ALIVE featuring N.N. @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt

april 2014
05th  sub w/ central-station allstars band @ darmstadt
25th-27th @ jazzahead, bremen
30th fraudlab.co feat. George Davis @ offenbach

may 2014
3oth w/ Nadine Demetrio @ Aschaffenburg
31st w/ team davis @ HH tbc

june 2014
06th w/ thomas langer & russ spiegel at jazznights @ rodgau maximal
14th w/ central station all stars @ central station, darmstadt
20th with team davis @ hafen2, offenbach

july 2014
03rd w/ thomas langer @ jazznight, maximal, jügesheim
10th w/ team davis @ waggong, offenbach
18th sub with nara @ technologie museum, frankfurt
28th with Banoffee Jam @ Stoffel, Frankfurt
29th video feature film shoot for beat&breakfast

august 2014
18th with Vladimir Cetkar @ Macedonia
19th with Vladimir Cetkar @ Macedonia
30th 2130h with smith&drums @ MUF, frankfurt
30th 2300h with ROLA @ batschkapp, frankfurt
31st 1830h with chima @ MUF, frankfurt

september 2014
02nd video feature film shoot for beat&breakfast
04th with GudeGang (Mädness, Demetrio, Mazumdar, Fraudlab.co) @ Planke Nord, Mainz
06th BEN’s JAM revival @ JazzFestival Burg Freienfels
13th sub with nara @ mörfelden
17th concert and workshop w/ claudio zanghieri @ session music
18th sub with chris schmitt @ frankfurt
20th w/ team davis @ zwischenraum, mannheim
25th with banoffee jam @ fabrik, frankfurt

october 2014
04th w/ fraudlab.co subbing the rhythm section @ centralstation, darmstadt
25th w/ team davis @ kombüse, mannheim

november 2014
20th video shoot @ darmstadt
22nd video shoot @ frankfurt
27th video shoot @ frankfurt

________ 2013 ________

january 2013
07th – 14th shoot for videodrumlessons.tv @ tonAtelier

february 2013
8th – 11th shoot for videodrumlessons.tv @ tonAtelier

march 2013
09th w/ the art of fusion @ kaisersaal ffm – cancelled
11th w/ szlamdunk @ hamburg
12th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt, snow cancellation

april 2013
02nd fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
06th w/ Martelle Trio & Russ Spiegel @ Studiolounge, Obertrubach
09th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
10th, 11th, 12th and
13th with fraudlab.co @ MusikMesse for GodinGuitars
13th w/ Martelle Trio @ Russ Spiegel @ Musiktheater Rex, Bensheim
16th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
18th and
19th recording drum tracks for Vladimir Cetkar’s new album
23rd fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
26th and
27th filming for Claudia Vervy’s new video

may 2013
02nd video shoot at tonAtelier.de
04th w/ the art of fusion @ nacht der museen, frankfurt
07th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
11th w/ Ralf Olbrich, Frowin Ickler @ Dieburg
14th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
21st fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt

june 2013
01st and
02nd w/ travolta alive @ strassenfest berger
04th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
11th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
25th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt

july 2013
02nd fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
09th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
23rd fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
26th w/ HKB @ Austria
27th w/ rn5, benefiz, near reinheim
30th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt

august 2013
23rd and
24th and
25th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ MUF frankfurt

september 2013
08th w/ bengio @ new music awards, berlin
12th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
18th video shoot for Jo van Nelsen
19th fraudlab.co featuring ROLA @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
25th w/ CS @ ffm
26th w/ Smith&Drums @ soho club, bremen

october 2013
10th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with Albert N’Sanda @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
12th sub w/ byron deloatch @ NexTower, ffm
17th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with The Thiams (Jan Delay) @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
19th w/ Simon H. @ Eltville (private)
24th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with Mashanda @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
31st fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with Rola, guest Byron Deloatch @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt

november 2013
07th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with Jaqee @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
09th w/ Christoph Spendel trio @ ffm
14th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with Nadine Demetrio @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
21st fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with George Davies @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt

december 2013
05th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with Butch Williams @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
13th sub w/ Canton @ ffm
19th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with ROLA @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt
26th fraudlab.co featuring ALIVE with Albert N’Sanda @ Club-Travolta.de frankfurt



january 2012
1st til 23rd coding, recording, shooting, cutting for videodrumlessons.tv
19th filming and recording a promo reel for an upcoming flutist

february 2012
04th with HKB @ Innsbruck
24th with running 5 @ cologne
25th with vmp

march 2012
+ 08th with vmp @ berlin
11th mixing audio for Rockstarter Vol 3
13th mixing audio for Rockstarter Vol 3
16th videoshoot at and for tonAtelier
28th with vmp

april 2012
21st recording session @ tonAtelier
22nd recording session @ tonAtelier
27th with smith&drums @ travolta

may 2012
05th &
06th shooting lessons for videodrumlessons.tv
11th &
12th &
13th recording guests for upcoming ben’s jam album
14th with vmp @ porsche museum, stuttgart
19th with vmp @ bensheim
23rd with timewarp @ kassel
25th with vmp @ höchster
26th &
27th shooting video for patrick himmel @ morfelden
31st with vmp @ berlin, tbc

june 2012
02nd with vmp OR the art of fusion
08th with vmp @ hohenstein
09th with vmp @ braunschweig
16th with vmp @ augsburg
29th with vpm @ bad homburg
30th with vmp @ rothenburg

july 2012
18th and 19th @ london, filming “mr. barrington”
21th with vmp @ reutlingen

august 2012
16th with the art of fusion @ bahnhofsviertel nacht, frankfurt
17th with vmp @ bad königzell
18th with vladimir cetkar @ bitola, macedonia
24th with vladimir cetkar @ strumica, macedonia
25th with vladimir cetkar @ kumanovo, macedonia
28th with vladimir cetkar @ ohrid, macedonia
29th with vladimir cetkar @ skopje, macedonia

september 2012
01st with vpm, private
07th with vmp @ otzberg
08th sub with annika klar, private
15th with the art of fusion @ festival in gent, belgium
22nd with vmp, private
29th and 30th recording with “fraud”

october 2012
02nd with vmp @ sailauf
06th with vmp @ senden
13th with taof @ buchmesse, frankfurt
14th shoot new DVD at tonAtelier

november 2012
02nd video shoot at darmstadt
03rd with ssch @ ses, private
16th and 17th recording with Janek Gwizdala at tonAtelier
23rd with djs marcel billen, le alen, roulanddoors at RAW, gibson, frankfurt
28th – dec 1st with the art of fusion @ penang jazzfestival, malaysia

december 2012
01st – 9th clinic and workshop tour in malaysia and singapore
15th with zlamdunk @ moondoo, hh
21st with dj @ gibson, tbc
23rd-26th with the art of fusion @ hongkong, tbc


march 2011
10th nyc funk squad, frankfurt
19th smith&drums, hamburg
21st smith&drums, hamburg
24th nyc funk squad, frankfurt
26th nyc funk squad, private
31st nyc funk squad, frankfurt

april  2011
08th the art of fusion, frankfurt
14th nyc funk squad, frankfurt
15th running 5, hamburg, laesz halle
16th running 5, verden, stadthalle

may 2011
05th nyc funk squad, frankfurt, tbc
09th frankfurter flair, würzburg
12th nyc funk squad, frankfurt, tbc
21st the art of fusion, giessen
26th stahlhofen, schneller, martelle @ fressgasse, ffm
27th the art of fusion, wiesbaden

june 2011
03rd with hkb @ switzerland
04th sub with sos @ da
16th sub with frankfurter flair
17th,18th,19th the art of fusion, genova, italy
24th the art of fusion, cologne, alte feuerwache
25th the art of fusion, frankfurt, brotfabrik
29th spirit of soul, sub, potsdam

july 2011
02nd timewarp, sub, atp finale, braunschweig
09th timewarp, sub, garmisch
27th groove control @ culture club, hanau

august 2011
13th the art of fusion @ blaues haus, frankfurt
18th the art of fusion@ bahnhof festival, frankfurt
28th the art of fusion @ muf, frankfurt

september 2011
11th – 15th recordings, div.
16th with spirit of soul @ fulda
18th – 27th recordings, div.
28th heart rhythm show @ ffm, private

october 2011
02nd with rhein adams @ ?, tbc
03rd – 12th mixing of bens jam record, DA
22nd smith and drums @ moondoo, hamburg

november 2011
05th timewarp, @ rheda wiedenbrück
09th sit-in at clinic of janek gwizdala @ popakademie, mannheim
12th groove-control @ fdp-parteitag, private
29th s.o.s. @ oldenburg, tbc

december 2011
31st w/ smith&drums @ zeil, frankfurt, tbc